Making Memories, Part 2: Early Family Experiences Matter, a thin layer of neuroscience

Everything we do is experienced through our senses. There aren’t 5; there are at least 9 and maybe 21. (Want a list? See below.) Every experience we have (doing a math problem, a mosquito sting, a song, a sunset) is made up of sensations. Every sense, except for smell, passes through the emotional center in the brain, and then pauses to form a short term memory.

More emotion makes a long term memory, a stronger memory. Stronger memories stick in the upper reaches of the brain with more, and faster connections to our working mind.

Here’s the kicker: early childhood memories stick more strongly than new ones. I’ve worked with people with dementia who couldn’t tell you what century it is, but
…..they remembered the name of their first dog; or the person didn’t talk at all, but
…..she’d sing a children’s nursery song or carol.

Socially-coded memories from time with family count. Make more today.

Geek out! For senses, I think of about 16 – the usual 5 plus:

  • thermoception (heat)
  • proprioception (joint position)
  • feedback for maintaining muscle tone
  • tactioception (touch)
  • nociception (pain)
  • equilibriception (balance)
  • baroception (pressure)
  • and lots of internal senses: internal body temperature, a few internal sensors for elements in our blood, where are stomach and intestines are and whether we’ve eaten too much at Thanksgiving,
    and possibly time awareness, which is a controversial topic, and not external.I sense that I’m running out of at the moment….
    If you want more posts like this, say so.

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