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It’s hard to say who (or what automated program) visits this site. I like to tell stories.
What would you like me to write about first?
(1) the wonders of science coming to life?
(2) issues in children and family members with language or cognitive impairments?
(3) being a thinking person who loves someone with severe autism, and tried everything?(4) relationships in organizations and therapeutic settings, from my MBA-mind?
(5) how PTSD has affected my family; how we succeeded, failed, and succeeded again,

(6) or jokes?
In 2007, before blogs were “a Thing,” I uploaded 5 jokes every week to a website that no longer exists. Help this blog outlive that sadly comic site.

What you find on this site should be inspiring, or help you approach something that seems overwhelming with a new perspective. So take a moment to comment once you’ve poked around on here.

TOMORROW’S POST: A-B-Cs of Behavior, the first post in an ongoing series

Help me understand you, so that we can create a community here.

3 thoughts on “Support this Blogger: not cash. Please comment: Vote on #science, #language, #cognition, #autism, #organizations, or #PTSD

    • EK I’m glad K has finally gotten what he needed so he can shine. W got his first interactive device only 5 years ago. I’ve spent hundreds of hours programming the first one and now this iPad for AAC. It came with a stand for class but didn’t come with what he needed for the community, so I was able to find accessories discounted at Staples for $100. In a few years we will have new challenges. He uses the iPad for so many things for video models and lists. The federal reimbursements require any tablet is only for AAC, not for anything else someone with a disability needs. Let’s hope our kids’ systems never break! I’m so happy to hear you have a pure for AAC. I wish we had had one, but now I’m his. I can’t do AAC for everyone, but for my son, I can and do. Hugs!


  1. Ezzie says:

    I vote for all of the above! But my #1 issue has always been #language. Finding SLPs, teachers, OTs who know how to work with nonverbal students has always been a challenge. K currently uses a Novachat to communicate. We started with PECS but only got up to a certain level because lessons weren’t being designed to teach him more. I also had a Dynovox V sitting at home for 5 years because his school didn’t have a SLP who knew how to program it. Then along came Wendy
    ❤ who customized it for him and believed in him. She was amazed at all that he knew. She left after a year but then came Carrie <3. Also his teacher Michele has been awesome. And shoutout to Dick Lytton our AAC guru at A.I.DuPont Hospital.


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