ABCs of Life, Love, and Social Skills: Learning to love

Aisles of bookstores prove none of us ever really knows everything we cared to know about how to be human. As parent of a child with autism, my job is to show my child the ways of the world because he cannot learn them by himself. Parents of people with autism can teach them socialization. Social interaction involves risk, but the rewards can be breath-taking.

Any teenager will have romantic feelings. Part of normal teenage experience is figuring out what to do and not do about those feelings. People with autism have feelings, too. Parents often want to prevent pain, Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 1.03.06 PMbut that misses the point. Even friendship will inevitably involve pain. A broken romance is more painful. But romantic feelings will happen whether we want or not, and everyone eventually has experience personal loss.  Romantics know, romances don’t always break.

The link below is to a love story was my inspiration for this post: people with high functioning autism taught themselves how to love and be good life partners.

Autism Love Story Teaches Us How to Teach Love and Respect
Even if the link is broken, please read on. (This post is dedicated to my wise husband who died 14 years ago tomorrow.)

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