It Might Have Been Me. Watch the final episode about Scientology, after binging the other ones

I’ve been riveted watching Leah Remini’s series, Scientology and the Aftermath. The last episode is airing in a few days. She has been introducing former members to tell their stories of what the Church of Scientology (CoS) did to them, why they left, and what was done to them after that. Since I follow one of the world’s oldest religions, why did this series hit me so hard?  Here’s some of my personal story about how I and my son were abused using tactics like those of a cult by a psychology professional. Despite my two top Ivy League degrees and years in business, it happened to me. I no longer trust people to be who they are supposed to be or to treat us ethically. How could I let it happen? We were extremely vulnerable, so I don’t believe it was my “fault,” but it happened “on my watch” nonetheless.
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